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Mission Statement

APD, Inc. is a 3M Premier Service distributor dedicated to bringing 3M products and innovative solutions to both industrial organizations and residential households. By maintaining a high level of product knowledge and continual training, we strive to be the best in the business. Our high level of interaction and collaboration with 3M on both corporate and field levels add extreme value to our customers.
APD, Inc. will continue to dedicate our efforts to insure progressive company growth while providing providing to our shareholders, promoting employee wellness, and servicing the community to the best of our ability.
What is 3M Premier Service?

There are thousands of 3M distributors in the U.S. and less than 100 of these have been granted the permission to carry the 3M Permier Service Industrial Products Distributor designation.

In order for us to be awarded with this status, APD, Inc. commits to a higher level of engagement with the 3M Company than typical 3M distributors. This includes on-going training of APD's in- house 3M Certified Specialists at 3M's St. Paul, MN campus. We are expected to be the lead distributor in our geographical region for the promotion of 3M products. We are also the primary source of technical assistance on applications through our close working relationships with 3M personnel.

As a 3M Premier Service Industrial Products Distributor, we are poised to provide our customers the best product and process support, and deliver at the best pricing available.

APD, Inc. was founded in March of 1998 in Lynwood. CA as an industrial packaging supplier. Through gained industry knowledge and excellent customer service, we realized the value of 3M products and innovations we became a 3M industrial distributor in 2003. By 200.7, our growth demanded a larger facility and we moved our operations to Ontario, CA. In 2008 we were approached by the 3M Company and were awarded the 3M Premier Service Industrial Products Distributor designation due to APD, 100 Headilllarters our dedication in promoting various SM product lines. Ontario, California Currently, APD, Inc. is the largest independent 3M industrial products distributor in the US.

APD, Inc. Business Model

APD's web-based APDmro.com brings together ease of ordering, product information and the best pricing available for your ordering convenience. But APD, Inc. is not just an ecommerce seller. We currently have stocking locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Fort Worth/Dallas, and are planning additional locations across the U.S.

We believe a well-balanced approach is a better value proposition for our customers:

* Our website provides clarity on pricing, easy access of product information, and 24-7 availability to conduct business with ease according to your schedule.

* Our 3M Certified Specialists can leverage their intensive training and 3M resources to address complex production issues and design best practice processes for our customers.

APD, Inc. National City (San Diego) Branch

* Our localized inventory strategy and willingness to stock allow us to custom design inventory levels in order to respond quickly to our customer's
needs. We also provide vendor managed inventory at customer locations to ensure the continuous product flow and prevent production stoppage.